"IVIG saved my quality of life; it has given me a reason to keep trying."

Dave, living with CIDP

It was 2011 when I fell in a parking lot; my legs just went out from under me. I laid there in shock that I didn’t have enough strength in my legs or arms to get back up. I eventually crawled back to the car hoping no one would see me as I was too embarrassed. Even worse, I was scared of what was happening to me and what my future would be. Would my fiancée who I loved dearly have to eventually become my caregiver? Could I keep working, make a living, and support my family?

I remember the day, five years ago when I met a specialist who diagnosed me with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), an autoimmune disease that robbed me of strength in my arms and legs. When he told me he was confident that I would improve with treatment, I finally felt that I could breathe again.

After a year of holding my breath, I had hope! I began a treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) every three weeks, and I slowly began to improve.

It’s now several years later and yes, there are still some rough days, but a curb or a step, or holding my arm up long enough to brush my teeth are no longer obstacles. I lead a wonderful life. I married my beautiful wife. I’m lucky enough to have three amazing daughters and can be an active apart of their lives. I began a new elevated position at work that keeps me challenged. I’ve even joined a gym. These may not seem like heroic accomplishments to some, but for me, they are everything.

From crawling through a parking lot to walking on a treadmill and living a full life, IVIG has not only saved my quality of life, it has given me a reason to keep trying.

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